Saturday, 29 September 2012

Web Architecture

during lecture class , madam tell us about web architecture. she gives an explanation about what is websites and web page is all about.. she also gives and example and her example make me really understand her lecture .  now, i can differentiate between web pages and websites.. her explanation on tier also  make me feel attracted. she draw a good example about tier on whiteboard and help me know what is tier. she also gives many explanation about what is web architectures and what info contained in web architecture slides. it really help me understand this topic . before class dismiss , madam ask us to do a CV . we should put it in our blog . there is no dateline for this job .  i dont  know about CV  at all. i never write CV before this. but , i will try to look for an example in  google . like what en hafidz (our itt440 lectures)  said , we should learn from google.:p

madam also ask us to make our blog looks like a website . not web pages. that's means, this blog must be an interactive . i will try to make my blog became an interactive . insyaallah ..

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