Saturday, 29 September 2012

another presentation..

1 more presentation  this week . (^_^) .. i likeeeee presentation  sooo much..hahaha.. actually , its not.. its difficult for me because im not fluent in english .  but , i try to speak in english. this blog is a good platform for me to practise writing in english and then, it may improve my vocab.

when i think about this presentation , it make me fell afraid.. we must included a flow chart to show the flow of our system , a Context Diagram ,DFD , and also system architecture . 1 days before this presentation , i and aisyah stay at CS1 Lab after class until 6 pm . we do our job there . we discuss in detail about our system . we combine all the knowledge we know and continue producing all of these diagram . its so difficult actually . and i  also forget what i learnt during diploma . during part 5 diploma , i learn about all of these diagram . then, i forgot about it. ya allah..

but , its ok .. we found many examples in the internet . we learnt from there and start sketching a diagrams for our system. it really make my brain worked.. alhamdulillah , our job done before the day of presentation.


during presentation....

madam likes our presentation ... 

we don't need to make a correction and can continue with this system . i feel so relieved.
we will continue with this system and insyaallah , we will do our best to ensure this system works .

Web Architecture

during lecture class , madam tell us about web architecture. she gives an explanation about what is websites and web page is all about.. she also gives and example and her example make me really understand her lecture .  now, i can differentiate between web pages and websites.. her explanation on tier also  make me feel attracted. she draw a good example about tier on whiteboard and help me know what is tier. she also gives many explanation about what is web architectures and what info contained in web architecture slides. it really help me understand this topic . before class dismiss , madam ask us to do a CV . we should put it in our blog . there is no dateline for this job .  i dont  know about CV  at all. i never write CV before this. but , i will try to look for an example in  google . like what en hafidz (our itt440 lectures)  said , we should learn from google.:p

madam also ask us to make our blog looks like a website . not web pages. that's means, this blog must be an interactive . i will try to make my blog became an interactive . insyaallah ..

Monday, 24 September 2012

Netcentric Computing

I finishing my diploma at Uitm Terengganu  on 2011 .  then on february 2012 , i get the offer to doing my degree on Netcentric Computing . all of my best friend doing their degree but in different fields with me . my friend , Alia doing her degree on Mathematical Computing .  I found it difficult for me to understand physic , so , I did not choose Mathematical Computing . Nisa my friends doing her degree on Data Communication And Networking at Uitm Arau .. only me and Alia at Uitm Shah Alam . when i kNow that I will  futher my studies at here , I feel very, very happy . Allah fullfield my prayer .. my campus and my house at Sungai Buloh is not far . it takes about 30 minutes to reach Uitm campus .. better than my diploma .. it take about 5 hour to arrived at Terengganu .. ohh .. it is a long, long journey for me..

talking about netcentric computing , from my understanding , Netcentic Computing is just same as Data Communication and Networking but Net. computing is more to network and if i'm not mistaken, data comm is more to technical .. during 1st semester , all doing fine. except on subject of Netcentric Fundamental . i feel hard to understanding this subject . it's all about coding . but, i try my very best to understand this subject . in my forth sem , i take Advance Netcentric subject . i will learn more detail about this subject and combine what i learn on ITT501 during my 3rd sem .  alhamdulillah , i pass my ITT 501 during skill based exam . although i'm not perform well , but , i'm satisfied with my grade .. what i get is reflect on what i understand and learn on my 3rd sem .

insyaallah, i will do a better for ITT510 .  and i hope that i will pass this course with a good grade and then graduated with a better grade than my diploma.. insyaallah ..

home sweet home .. 14 september 2012 until 17 september 2012

It is Friday during that date(14 september) .. as usual, I will going back home. J . I take a bus from section 2 and my parents pick me up at Uitm Puncak Perdana. All Malaysian will  have a long holiday ,  from 15 September until 17 Semptember . We have a long holiday because 16 September is Malaysia day .
Malaysia Day is held on September 16 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo (now Sabah including Labuan Island), Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia (wikipedia,17 september 2012).
After my parents pick me up , we are headed straight to Rawang , my uncle house . my cousin follow us and have a holiday at my house . I do nothing on that day . I just watch a television when arrived at home.
On Saturday morning , my mother wakes me early in the morning . she ask me whether I want to accompany her to paying bills and buy a groceries at The Store , Sg Buloh.  of course  I want . J when we arrive there , my mother do what she want to do there . paying bill  and we buy a groceries . We ate lunch there and at 4 pm , we going back home .
On Sunday , we don’t go anywhere . we just have a rest at home. My mother was in work shift . she work morning shift on that day . when my mother is not at home , I would take the responsibilities to take care of my sisters. I prepare breakfast and lunch for them . I’m  happy doing that job . J

Monday is the end of my holiday . my father sent me back to section 7 , my rent house . ohhhh…  I don’t want to going back.. but , what can I do . ? the holiday end and I must continue my journey as a student.  J  
That’s all what I do during my holiday ,.. enjoy reading to all my readers . J

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


assalamualaikum. :D
today,during lab session,madam ask us to update our blog.. so,it easy for me because there is no internet connection at my house .  this week , we will submit an abstract report . 
on this morning,i and aisyah learn a new thing..  (^_^) .. we learnt how to produce a gantt chart. :D
this gantt chart will be included in our slide for presentation. it is a little bit difficult to draw it because we are not familiar with a gantt chart before this. finally, we have completed our slide. :D
thats all .. thank you ..

Monday, 17 September 2012

my 1st trial :)

Assalamualaikum.. :) My name is Siti Nor Azua binti Samsul Kahar. I’m 21 years old. I come from Sg Buloh, Selangor and now I lives in section 7,Shah Alam ( my rent house) .
This is my 1st time creating a blog. Before this, I have never create any blog and never dreaming creating a blog. For me, it was really difficult to create a blog :( I keep trying and finally, I succeed :D . I do this blog because my madam ask us to create a blog for our subject ,Web Tech .
1st time entering web tech class, I feel scared :( I feel that because I’m just an ordinary student, not an excellent student. I am afraid if I cant ketchup what madam taught in a class. But, during my 2nd day class, I feel a little bit comfort :) . During lab session , madam ask us to form a group and discuss about what project we want to develop. my partner is Aisyah Hani. And our project is Cake House using java(netbeans) . Actually we want to do a project using php(dreamweaver) but, madam reject. She said, php(dreamweaver) is so simple. ya allah. I feel disappointed. For me , java is difficult, but what can I say. Aisyah and I will do our best for our project.
I think better I stop my writing here . If not, I may not have an idea for the next entry.
P/s : madam and friends, I’m so sorry if my grammar is bad. I’m still in learning process and insyaalllah I will try to improve my grammar . Insyaallah.. That’s all for today .. Thank you.