Saturday, 29 September 2012

another presentation..

1 more presentation  this week . (^_^) .. i likeeeee presentation  sooo much..hahaha.. actually , its not.. its difficult for me because im not fluent in english .  but , i try to speak in english. this blog is a good platform for me to practise writing in english and then, it may improve my vocab.

when i think about this presentation , it make me fell afraid.. we must included a flow chart to show the flow of our system , a Context Diagram ,DFD , and also system architecture . 1 days before this presentation , i and aisyah stay at CS1 Lab after class until 6 pm . we do our job there . we discuss in detail about our system . we combine all the knowledge we know and continue producing all of these diagram . its so difficult actually . and i  also forget what i learnt during diploma . during part 5 diploma , i learn about all of these diagram . then, i forgot about it. ya allah..

but , its ok .. we found many examples in the internet . we learnt from there and start sketching a diagrams for our system. it really make my brain worked.. alhamdulillah , our job done before the day of presentation.


during presentation....

madam likes our presentation ... 

we don't need to make a correction and can continue with this system . i feel so relieved.
we will continue with this system and insyaallah , we will do our best to ensure this system works .

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