Monday, 24 September 2012

Netcentric Computing

I finishing my diploma at Uitm Terengganu  on 2011 .  then on february 2012 , i get the offer to doing my degree on Netcentric Computing . all of my best friend doing their degree but in different fields with me . my friend , Alia doing her degree on Mathematical Computing .  I found it difficult for me to understand physic , so , I did not choose Mathematical Computing . Nisa my friends doing her degree on Data Communication And Networking at Uitm Arau .. only me and Alia at Uitm Shah Alam . when i kNow that I will  futher my studies at here , I feel very, very happy . Allah fullfield my prayer .. my campus and my house at Sungai Buloh is not far . it takes about 30 minutes to reach Uitm campus .. better than my diploma .. it take about 5 hour to arrived at Terengganu .. ohh .. it is a long, long journey for me..

talking about netcentric computing , from my understanding , Netcentic Computing is just same as Data Communication and Networking but Net. computing is more to network and if i'm not mistaken, data comm is more to technical .. during 1st semester , all doing fine. except on subject of Netcentric Fundamental . i feel hard to understanding this subject . it's all about coding . but, i try my very best to understand this subject . in my forth sem , i take Advance Netcentric subject . i will learn more detail about this subject and combine what i learn on ITT501 during my 3rd sem .  alhamdulillah , i pass my ITT 501 during skill based exam . although i'm not perform well , but , i'm satisfied with my grade .. what i get is reflect on what i understand and learn on my 3rd sem .

insyaallah, i will do a better for ITT510 .  and i hope that i will pass this course with a good grade and then graduated with a better grade than my diploma.. insyaallah ..

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