Saturday, 13 October 2012

sooo hottt today ..!!

when i entered  the class , i feel hot.. ya allah , the aircond is not function well today . . it effect my mood to study,.. i feel difficult to think /  study when facing this problem . for me ,its ok if there is a fan provided in this class , so , if there is no aircond , we can just use that fan . unfortunately , there is no fan there .. :)

luckilly madam understand our situation . she will dismiss the class earlier . :) .. but before that , she shows us a video about JQuery.. how to install it and how to use it .. after that , she ask us to do homework regarding jQuery and she wants to see it during lab class next weeks . :)

here is what madam ask us to do :

`download&install jquery(
`create a simple jquery enabled page (refer video in ilearn)
`execute/run in different types of browser -ie-firefox-google chrome

NO class for today .. !

no class for today.. madam had to attend a meeting. but , before she leaves , she gives us a homework . :D

due date for this homework is the day after today class.. this assignment is quite differ with other assignment.the different of this task compared with other task is that , we should find the meaning of the questions she gives us then , MUST write it in MALAY .. :) hahahha ... it looks like simple.. but then , after we translate the meaning in english to malay , it start became difficult .. 

before this we are familiar writes all the asignment in english . we are not familiar written it in malay . eventhough , it is simple because we writes it in malay , but there is a difficulty too . some word if we translate it in malay , it will become funny.. hehehe ..

but then , we try to finish the homework before class dismiss .. and get ready to enter dr adnan class. :)
the task completed during lab session :D .. just need to edit it at home and pass it  to madam tomorrow morning .

describe about ....

during class, madam ask us about what is the internet ..  but, we cant answer her question .. then ,she wants us to find the meaning about a few things and she wants us to describe that things using our owns word and put it in our blog ..

1) Internet : we can connect to the network if there is an internet connection .
2)Internet application :
3)web : allows user to interact with each other in social network . 1 of the example of web is blogs .
4)web application : users can accessed it over a network . example is gmail.